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Chelmsford Pest Control are Working Safely during COVID-19 Outbreak.

We have decided to take as many precautions as possible to keep ourselves but particularly our Customers safe.

We will wear either Half Face or Full Face respirator masks using P3 Filters. We will use fresh clean gloves at every premises.

We will keep at a safe distance at all times.

We will keep all visits to premises to as short a time as is needed to carry out the task safely and effectively.

We are taking card payment or BACS transfers wherever possible. We will accept cheques and Cash if that is how you need to pay.

We are offering special discounts to NHS staff or other Key Workers at this time.

We are constantly being updated by the BPCA with the latest safe working advice and practices and will implement them as necessary.

We are happy to answer any questions or concerns via Text or Email and also by Phone. This is for existing and new customers alike.

As things change in this fast changing situation we will update this blog as needed.

Stay safe Everyone.

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