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Pigeons & Bird's

Pigeons can be one of the most difficult and annoying bird's going.

They cause mess and noise which can cause great distress and also carry the risk of Disease which can be fatal to Humans.

Pigeons can by law be removed or destroyed along with their nesting sites. 

There is also the option to proof the areas they are inhabiting to stop them getting in, without destroying the bird. This often results in them moving to the next and nearest available area though.

Other species of Birds that tend to cause household problems are normally protected by law. But once nesting sites are empty and there are no young or eggs left the sites can be cleared and proofed to stop further access to the area.

We use many of the latest Technologies to stop Birds nesting or entering buildings. Many of which don't involve the use of Bird Spiking or nets, which can be unsightly.

Call or email for details.

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